Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Big Summer Break Sale - Prices Slashed by over 20% - May 1st to May 31s 2011

Wish to be in London just to say you were there for the Royal Wedding but do not wish to ruin your holiday with the security hassles, crowded streets and inaccessible attractions? Just postpone your London visit by a couple of days to May and enjoy a London holiday that allows you to experience London at its best ever but without the crowds and with considerable savings as well. Savings - Yes, you read that right!

Our Summer Break Sale is on and with one of our holiday apartments as your accommodation you can save over 20% in accommodation alone. That is without counting the savings you make courtesy the conveniences a holiday apartment offers - such as a fully equipped kitchen, in-house laundry facilities, free Internet access and more.

Why is May 2011 the best time to visit London? As soon as the Royal Wedding is over, London is going to look and be empty with tourists, patriots and fans of the British royalty returning back to their homelands. Londoners who sought to escape the crowds with a holiday out of London will still be on their breaks. However, the larger-than-life attractions of London will be still decked up to celebrate the Royal Wedding, even though the wedding will be over by then.

In May, you can visit attractions such as the Westminster Abbey, where the Royal Couple will exchange their vows; it will not be out-of-bounds for security reasons or wedding arrangements. You can move in and around Central London without worrying about any roadblocks and similar hassles.

For a hassle-free holiday in London, book your holiday apartment in London now.

Contact us for advanced holiday accommodation bookings for the London 2012 Olympics.

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