Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Hottest Music Event to Enjoy Your Life | London Jazz Festival

Book an apartment now for the coming London Jazz Festival in November. Book a cost holiday rental in London if you are Planning to attend the much awaited 10 days London Jazz Festival.

Every year for the past 21 years music Aficionados from all over the world await with abated breath for the grand London Jazz Festival that takes place in the city of light every year in the Month of November. Schedule to be held from November 15- 24 (tentative) this year Jazz festival promises to be as soulful and rhythmic as the ones before.

Though the event initially began in the 1970’s as part of the Camden Festival, it acquired its current direction and status only in the 1990’s when The London Arts Board (now the Arts Council England, London) took it under its ambit. Since then the event has become a regular fixture on the London musical scene With the festival moving from being a solely north London event to a large London wide event.

Now a major International Jazz Event in London, The event provides an opportunity for jazz aficionados see both British and International artists belt out their musical numbers on a single platform. Produced By the creative company Serious in association with BBC Radio 3, the festival Will be held at over 50 venues spread across the entire London city. One really The good thing about the event is that all the venues are located near to the major Tube stations (over and underground), rail stations and DLR. So, if you are Planning to book a  service apartment in London, for the said event, make sure to rent out a home which is located either near to the venue or is close to the One of the tube or rail stations.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Flying Cheap to Paris in Style

Know how to book cheap airline tickets and to enjoy Paris as a king.

With its beautiful Monuments, delectable cuisines and pert a porter fashion wear, it is no wonder That Paris is one of  the most visited Tourist destinations of Europe are attracting people from all over the world. The The city has been a favorite of lovers and artists For centuries and still continues to be so. And if you too are planning To visit Paris for your forthcoming holidays, it is recommended that you plan your vacations Well in advance to get advantage of low rates and airfare.

While one can get better Discounts on accommodation by renting out serviced apartments in Paris for long term duration, for airlines It is a kind of tricky. First of all one need to be aware of airlines that are Flying to Paris. Air France and KLM Are two of the most popular airlines flying to Paris apart from Emirates, American Airlines, and BritishAirways etc. Secondly, it is always advisable to book a Paris airline Ticket at least three to four months in advance to take benefit of prices and If you are willing to forgo the frills, then a low cost carrier like Easy Jet and Ryan Air are your best Bets. Taking care of these points will always ensure that you get a good deal On airline tickets.

However, before booking These flights do make it a point to check if they are direct flights or not. Direct flights always cost a bit more than those with stopover though they Take less time to reach the destinations. If you are short of time then direct Flights to Paris is what you should opt for. Another way through which you can Get good discounts is to look for travel packages that combine both airfare and a stay in one of the many holiday Apartments in Paris.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Romantic Walks in Paris

Explore the City of Love through a leisurely stroll with Your loved ones

Nothing can be more romantic Than been in the city of love with your beloved and as one of the most romantic city of the world; Paris is a lover’s delight. The city’s many beautiful boulevards and avenues, its excellent restaurants and cafes and its parks and Gardens has made the city the perfect destinations for those seeking a quite Gateway from the humdrum of daily life and wishing to spend some quality time Together. One can still find couples of all ages still gooey in love holding Hands, kissing on the quays and sharing a meal every day. The writ of romance Is written everywhere in Paris- in its arts, music, food and even in it Gardens and parks where you will find couples holding hands and lost in there World blissfully unaware of the world around them!

Here we give you a list of Places where you can go for a romantic stroll without anyone disturbing you.

Along the banks of the River Seine

Nothing can be more romantic than taking a stroll by the river where the sounds of the river coupled with the bright sunshine or the crimson sunset sets the Mood for a romantic rendezvous. If you get tired there is always the cruise to hop Into.

The cobbled pavements of Montmartre

For those with a love for the arts, the narrow cobbled paved streets of Montmartre with its bohemian village atmosphere is Just  what the doctor ordered for those In love . With its hidden gardens and vineyards, the area is perfect for those seeking some time alone.

The narrow by lanes of Le Marais

With its narrow streets and architecture that are reminiscences of the bygone medieval and Renaissance era, the Le Marais is perfect for A quite walk.

The hidden passageway of the Latin Quarter

With its myriad Avenues and boulevards a beautiful attractions like the Panthéon, Musée de Cluny, Jardin des Plantes , old-world cafes and   bookstores, the Latin quarter is one of the Many romantic places to stroll  in Paris.

So if you Are ever in Paris and looking for some romantic getaway, make sure to book a holiday apartment or a serviced apartment in these districts. Located far from the more boisterous districts of Paris, These areas, with their slow and steady atmosphere are perfect for those in Love.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Don the explorer hat to discover Chelsea’s hidden attractions

A A popular neighborhood of London, Chelsea, a part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is home to some Of the finest attractions that London has to offer. From chic & trendy boutiques to spectacular historical monuments, the area is rich in history as much as it is fashionable. From uber cool shopping areas like King’s road to award winning restaurants to fancy 18th And 19th Houses, Chelsea is definitely one of the places to be when one is in London.  And what better way to enjoy its Sights and sounds other than to stay in one of the holiday apartments located in Chelsea.

When You stay in a centrally located neighborhood like Chelsea, you find yourself Situated not far from some of the areas lesser known attractions and art Galleries like:

King’s Road Gallery

Not Many are aware that the ever popular King’s Road which is often associated with Shopping hides a hidden jewel by the name of Kings Road Gallery in its ambit. Spread Over three floors, the gallery showcases some of the finest European and Asian Contemporary arts of our times. Opened from Monday-Saturday From 10-6pm, it is definitely worth a visit.

Chelsea Physic Garden

 London abounds with gardens and Chelsea is no exception. The neighborhood is Home to the second oldest botanical garden in Britain- the Chelsea Physic Garden. The Garden is home to over 5000 species of plants including the largest Olive tree in Britain and an outdoor grapefruit tree. Admission to this hidden Gem cost GBP 9 including a guided/audio tour.

Chelsea Old Town Hall

Now used as a center for weddings, fairs and exhibitions, this grand town hall Is known for its wonderful 20th Century murals. Opened from Monday to Friday From 9am - 5pm
It’s not possible to list the The names of all the other less known and popular attractions located in and around Chelsea. The area abounds with many hidden gems which are waiting to be Explored and only a stay in Chelsea and its many serviced apartments will provide you with an opportunity to don The explorer’s hat and embark on a trail of discovery. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Why distance to an airport is a prime motivator when booking a apartment

Don’t forget to consider the distance of the airport from the place of your stay. This minor point has all the characteristic of making or ruining a holiday

One of the many things that people often forget while planning for their vacations is the distance of the airport from the place of their residence. Though for some this may be a minor thing bereft of any attention, yet there are also a certain group of people for whom the distance is a prime consideration especially when one is planning to book a service or a holiday apartment in a metropolis like Paris where traffic is a major issue. 

It’s a known fact that every metropolitan city in the world has a traffic problem and no matter how much one tries to solve the issue it becomes all the more complicated with hardly any solution in place. In such a scenario the only best thing one can do when planning a holiday is to either book a vacation rental near to the attractions or near the airport so that you can save time on travelling and avoid getting caught in the traffic snarls.  If you are the type who prefer booking a rental near the airport, then the below details might are just apt for you. Breeze through them to get an idea as to where and near which airport should you book your holiday apartment during your Paris vacation.

Le Bourget Airport – 11 kms north-northeast of Paris in the districts of Bonneuil-en-France and Dugny, this is the oldest airport of the city and the venue of Charles Lindbergh's historic solo transatlantic crossing in 1927.

The Orly Airport- Located 10 miles south of Paris, this airport caters to flights from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean, North America and Southeast Asia and is well connected to the Paris city via means of the shuttle services, buses, RER and the A106 autoroute.

Charles de Gaulle airport - Paris largest and busiest airport is located 25kms northeast of Paris caters to flights from all over the world.  Like the Orly airport, it is also well connected with the rest of the city via the rail, bus and the RER. If coming by the CDG, do note that it takes 45 minutes to reach Paris.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Exploring London whilst staying in an home away from Home

Here's a hop-on hop-off personal guide for a London Tour from booking a holiday apartment to all the amazing places one can visit. Located on the banks of the Thames River, this leading global city highlights its strengths in the form of modern art, historic culture, fast development, strong economy, efficient transport, flourishing commerce and much more to welcome travellers from around the world.

Dwell in Style in short lets

London offers an array of agreeable choices for accommodating both its elite guests as well as those on a shoe string budget. Holiday apartments in London make for the perfect stay as they offer privacy, space and facilities to make you feel completely at home. Chelsea is an elite neighbourhood where numerous such short-term lets await you. At the end of long haul flights, when one is dizzy with jet lag, these apartments  invite you into a cosy ambience into which you can curl up to sleep all your blues away.

What Not to Miss:  

British Museum, Tate Modern, National Gallery, Madame Tussauds, London Eye or the Science Museum –Attractions Galore

Once refreshed, your holiday can begin with a tour of some the many wonders of London. London offers a cocktail of attractions be it the British Museum, Tate Modern, National Gallery, Madame Tussauds, London Eye or the Science Museum. London's iconic Big Ben and Albert Hall need no mention while a visit to the Shakespeare's Globe, Trafalgar Square and various London Parks is something one cannot miss.

So while booking Your trip, plan meticulously, so that you have a comfortable apartment to stay as long as you need to visit all the exotic places in London.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Goa Carnival: And the magic begins

Its Carnival time and Goa is all set to grow for three full days starting the 9th Feb. Make sure to be there to forgo all worries and enjoy yourself to the hilt.

India is a land of festivals with different states and communities having their own distinct fairs and festivals and the state of Goa is no exception. Located on the western coast of India this tiny beach state has its own share of festivals Ranging from Jatra to Shigmo to Urs to various feasts of the Christian saints. However, it is for the A carnival that Goa is famous for (apart from its beaches). A festival of fun, Frolic and merrymaking, the Goan Carnival takes place every year in the month of February just before the beginning of Lent. Introduced by the Portuguese, the The carnival offers  people an opportunity to Forget their worries and to enjoy themselves over food, drinks, music and dance Before giving oneself to penance and fasting and is the main reason why people from all the globe Come down to Goa. So if you want to visit Goa during this period, make sure to Book a holiday apartment or home well in advance.

Carnival Dates:

Though Dates for the carnival vary every year, it is however held for 3-4 days just Before the beginning of Lent. This year the carnival is being held from 9th To 12 Feb with the streets of Goa and its people all decked to its finery.
On The eve of the carnival- all the four major cities of Goa the capital-Paanji, The port town of Vasco as well as the cities of Mapusa and Margao comes alive With the people dancing to the sound of music.

While floating and Parades have always been the main hallmarks of the carnival, this year's carnival Offers something new. A fashion show by Goa’s very own Wendell Rodrigues and a rock concert featuring the likes of Remo, Farhan Akhtar, Anushka Manchanda, Parikrama, And Indian Ocean & Agnee have been planned for this year's carnival. In Addition a five day Food and Cultural festival which will Highlight Goa’s cuisine as well as from a few other states has also been Planned at Caranzalem, Panaji.

It is believed that around a million people will be visiting Goa for this year’s Carnival with a majority of them coming from abroad. To cater to the Accommodation needs of these guests, the Goa government as well as the local The populace has made special arrangements by arranging stays in several serviced apartments and vacation rentals. An estimated Rs. 3 crores has been spent on this event with special Arrangements being made for the senior citizens. Around 1000 seats have been Earmarked for them near some of the key vantage points through which the parade will pass.

If not the Carnival, then what else

If You have missed the Goa carnival due to some reason and mulling over what to Do, don’t worry there are plenty of things to do and to visit when one is in India.  The first thing which you must Definitely do when in India during the months of Feb and march is to head off For the Maha Kumbh Mela is taking place.  A grand Hindu pilgrimage event, the Kumbh Mela will introduce to you another facet of India; something the country is Famous for –spirituality. So, if this catches your fancy, then book your tickets And accommodation for to Allahabad where The event has taken place. The event will end on 10th March on the eve of Maha Shivratri – another important festival in the calendar Of pious Hindus.

Other Places also worth a visit

Cities like Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Udaipur and Jaipur in the north and Banglore and Kerala in the South are some of the other places which you might consider visiting when in India. All these cities are so different from each other that you will be left Wondering if they all belong to the same country. And don’t worry about staying Options or transport. All these cities are well connected by air, rail and road And have abundance of hotels, short stay apartments and holiday apartments for You stay put. 

Lose yourself in Goa Carnival 2013

Make your way to Goa to immerse yourself in festivities as the Goan Carnival begins. Enjoy three days of merriment doing nothing except eat, drink and dance.

Every February, just before the beginning of Lent, the small and popular beach state of Goa in Western India wears a festive look as the three day Goan Carnival begins. Also known as 'Intruz', the festival which was introduced by the Portuguese (who ruled this small principality from the 15th to 19th century) is a time of fun and merrymaking. Once celebrated only by the Christian population, the festival is now open to all as a result people from all over the country and abroad irrespective of the religion and race make their way to Goa hoping to forget their worries and to enjoy themselves over food, drinks, music and dance.

Goa Carnival Dates

The Carnival at Goa usually lasts for three to four days. This year the carnival will be celebrated from 9th Feb to 12th Feb at Panaji- the capital of Goa. It is estimated that around a million odd tourists will be visiting Goa during this period, so if you are preparing to Goa for the carnival, then make sure to book your holiday apartment at Goa soon for accommodation during this period is hard to find.

What to expect at the Carnival

This three day celebrations which will start at Panaji will see the streets of Goa come alive with nonstop festivity and colours. Floats and parades are the hallmark of the Goa carnival and this year around 70 floats including one featuring Bollywood stars will pass through the cites of Panjim, Mapusa, Vasco and Margao amidst music and dances. Various events like rock shows and fashion shows are also being organised. While Wendell Rodricks will display his collection in the fashion show, bands like Parikrama, Indian Ocean Agnee along with the likes of Farhan Akhtar, Anushka Manchanda and Goa’s very own Remo Fernandes will set the stage alive with their scintillating musical performances.
Besides the floats, the carnival will also see a revival of the Food and Cultural festival. To be held at Caranzalem, Panaji, the Food and Cultural festival will last for five days and is set to start a day before the Goa Carnival. It will showcase authentic Goan cuisine alongwith some great music and dance.

So, be a part of these celebrations, book a holiday flat now and loose yourselves in the festivities

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

London Tallest Buildings: The city’s Newest Tourist Attractions

As one of the world’s most vibrant cities, the city of London is visited by thousands of people every year from all over the globe. Irrespective of the reason of visit-whether business or leisure, London fascinates all with its amazing range of offerings that encompasses apart from shopping centres and restaurants-historical monuments, art galleries, museums, parks and gardens and now the latest attraction, its tallest buildings. Though, built to accommodate global offices and to house its many employees, these buildings with some over 100 mts have now become a major attraction in London with many people either expressing a desire for tours that involve specifically a visit to these buildings or a stay in one of the many holiday apartments that are located within these buildings or nearby.

Some of the buildings that have caught the fancy of tourists in are:

The Shard- The current tallest building of London at 309.6 metres, the Shard made entirely of glass in the shape of an irregular pyramid has apartments spread over 5 floors, a 200 bed hotel,  restaurants spread across three floors besides ample office space and a viewing gallery and open-air observation deck at a height of 245 metre on the 27 floor.

One Canada Square, 8 Canada Square and 25 Canada Square- Located in Canary Wharf, these buildings are mostly office buildings housing several banks and other financial institutions. The area being an important financial centre also has several serviced apartments where not only the employees of these offices but many tourists visiting London for leisure and business purpose dwell in.

Besides the above buildings, Heron Tower, Tower 42, St George Wharf Tower, 30 St Mary Axe, BT Tower, London eye, Royal London Hospital Tower etc are some of the other tallest building above 100 mts that have caught the imagination of tourists visiting or planning to visit London.

An Overview of 2013 ICC Women's Cricket World Cup

The 10th edition of the 2013 ICC Women's Cricket World Cup is here. Catch all the action either from the venues or form the comforts of your holiday home.

Though not as popular as their men's counterpart the ICC Women's Cricket World Cup has been gathering a steady stream of followers for the past few years.  First held in 1973 two years before the first limited over’s World Cup for men, the Women Cricket World Cup owes its initiation to Sir Jack Hayward who contributed £40,000 for the event. The first event was held in England and saw participation from England, Australia, New Zealand, and the now defunct Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, International XI and a Young England in a round robin league. England emerged as the winners with Australia being the runner ups.  Till now, a total of nine women's cricket world cup has been organized with Australia emerging the winners four times.

This year the 10th ICC Women's Cricket World Cup is being held in India from 31st Jan-17th Feb. Around  8 teams- England, Australia, New Zealand,  South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies and India will be participating in the event that is to be held at Mumbai and Cuttack.  If you are interested in watching these cricket matches in person, we suggest that you make your plans accordingly. Mumbai has some excellent serviced apartments located near to the match venues- the Middle Income Group Ground in Bandra, the Bandra Kurla Complex and the Barbourne Stadium at Church Gate.

A few matches will be held at the Barabati Stadium and the DRIEMS Ground, Cuttack. Though Cuttack has some good hotels, short term rentals are few. Though you can book some holiday apartments at Bhubaneswar –Cuttack‘s twin City. Bhubaneswar is around 30-40 drive by car and is easily reachable by train and car.

So, if you planning to catch some live action, we suggest that you book your accommodation and match tickets quickly.

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