Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Top and Best Rated Apartments in London

For those planning a vacation in London, deciding where to stay is often a prime concern – should one opt for a hotel or is a holiday apartment a better option. And if an apartment, which one and where ? If these questions boggle you too then look no further for given below are some of the best and top rated apartments that one can find in the best neighborhoods of London.
  • Canary Wharf - The financial center of London that is home to some of world’s top business organization and companies, the serviced apartments of canary wharf are best suited for those looking for a place to stay close to their offices and business establishment.  Apartment to look out for Lanterns Court One Bedroom Serviced Apartment.
  • Kensington and Chelsea – The heart of London and one of its most expensive neighborhoods, the neighborhood of Kensington and Chelsea and its apartments are best suited for those who like to live in sheer luxury and love being around some of the London’s most popular attractions. The best apartment you can rent out here is Kensington Apartment 3 Penthouse.
  • Paddington - The holiday rentals at Paddington being close to the Paddington Railway Station are best suited for travelers looking towards exploring London of their own and who don’t mind traveling out of London for a short excursion to some nearby destination. Rent out Paddington Apartment 3 for a best and comfortable holiday
  • King’s Cross – The holiday apartments at King Cross are best suited for those seeking budget accommodations. One of the least expensive neighborhood of Central London, King Cross is  highly popular with  students and artist seeking a nice place to stay that is easily affordable yet not far from the heart of London. When at  King’s Cross check out Monument Street Serviced Apartments for a luxury yet budgeted stay.

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